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The sport of snow-tubing involves many RISKS, DANGERS, and HAZARDS that may cause serious personal injury or death and injuries are a common and ordinary occurrence in this sport. Part of the thrill, excitement and risk of snow tubing are that Green Acres, Inc. has an open hill and not tubing lanes and that the snow tubes all end up in a common run-out area at various speeds and it is my responsibility to try to avoid hitting another snow tuber and it is my responsibility to try to avoid being hit by another snow tuber, but that notwithstanding these efforts by other snow tubers and myself, there is a risk of collisions.

Helmets designed for RECREATIONAL SNOW SPORTS use may help reduce the risk of some types of injuries to the user at slower speeds and serious injury or death can result from both low and high energy impacts, even when a helmet is worn.

Green Acres enforces the following snow tubing rules for your safety
  • There is no double riding unless you have a child under 42 inches who MUST ride with their parent.
  • All long hair, ponytails, braids must be tied up and tucked in to avoice getting caught in towrope.
  • When you reach the bottom of the hill, move away quickly and always watch for other tubers coming down the hill when walking to tow rope.
  • No Scarves are allowed on the hill at anytime.
  • Keep a distance of 10-15 feet between tubers going up the towrope.
  • No stopping on the towropes or hill at anytime.
  • No kneeling or standing on tubes.
  • No kicking or throwing of tubes at other tubers.
  • No jumping over tubers coming down the hill.
  • Do not stand at the bottom of the hill to take pictures.
  • No Beer or Liquor allowed on premises.
  • Green Acres staff are located on the top and bottom of the hill, if you have any questions or need assistance, please contact them.

All rules and regulations apply and are subject to changes anytime without notice.
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